Pack and Play
July 17 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm

Class Full - Waitlist Available

Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
BFTD-Training Lab
Excited to add in a new mid week drop in class called Pack and Play

Pack and Play will be where we meet at the training lab and we either, start or end (Or BOTH!) our work session with a structured pack walks with some play in the middle.  Every class will be different and we will be focusing on different goals each session!! Please reach out to us prior to coming if you have any requests for things to work on!! 

Does this mean the dogs get to play? NO! This means YOU get to play with your dog!   We will incorporate games, conditioning work, new tricks and more into our hour and a half of work together! 

Pack and Play: this is Real World PRACTICE around distractions and play training where we work on having that STRONG relationship with your dogs!  All with the big goal in mind of doing  DO MORE WITH OUR DOG! 

Prerequisite to join BFTD: For NEW Dogs/Humans. Please contact us prior to coming to class. 
*A introductory Pitp training session prior to joining our PitP. 
*Please contact us through the website to set that up!

We have dogs with a LARGE background of behavioral issues and it is a safe place for us all to work through our dogs (and our) individual needs with the support of people that "GET IT!"

Every class is a little different, some are super structured, sometimes we pack walk, sometimes we have lots of new dogs and old dogs have an opportunity to work on the skills they have been practicing and MORE! There is something for everyone, and we have a LOT of fun!

$20 per family, or pre-pay $100 gets you, 6 classes!
*If you have previously purchased classes prior to us using Punchpass please email us at if you would for us to invoice you for a package. 

Cash is accepted for single sessions paid to the instructor!

We will be meeting at our brand new Training Lab!  
Please be sure to register and buy your classes PRIOR to coming to class!

The address is 14 Brookley Street, Jamaica Plain 02130 pull into the lot near the building that has a #10 (just past the circus school) and you will find the lab on the left-hand side!

On street parking is available, or you can park in the back of the large lot behind the car wash/laundromat. Please DO NOT park in front of the buildings!
If there is a lesson going on when you arrive, please do not enter the training lab until greeted by your trainer.

*NO on-leash greeting before/during/after class unless I SAY SO! 
*Treat EVERY dog you meet like an aggressive dog (Better safe than sorry!)
*Please bring treats, long lines, short leashes, party hats, 8;1 leash, any other tools that you useand a great attitude and an open mind!! (Highly suggest your pup carry their own things!!  GET A BACK PACK!)

Please Contact us if you have any further questions! 

BFTD- Training Team!

Again, make sure you are pre-registered! 

Sorry - this class is full.
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Pack and Play
July 17 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm

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