PitP- Larz Anderson
June 30 (Sunday) at 10:30 am

13 spots left

Class length
1 hour
Larz Anderson Park
Come and join our Practice in the Park at Larz Anderson Park.    

Where we meet:
  • Please meet us in the parking lot near the play ground!  
A little bit about Practice in the Park
PitP is Real World PRACTICE around distractions so that we can DO MORE WITH OUR DOG! T

Prerequisite to join BFTD:
  • A introductory PitP training session prior to joining our PitP is MANDATORY! 
  • Current clients please email scheduling@bostonforthedogs.com to get this scheduled
  • For NEW Dogs/Humans. Please contact us prior to coming to class to schedule your prerequisite training. Please contact us through the website www.bostonforthedogs.com to set that up!

During class you can expect:
A structured pack walk where we work on being around other dogs, distractions, durations, real-world obedience, and general good manners. At our Larz Anderson sessions we will focus on LONG LINE work and recall. Please come prepared!

We work on: 
  • Recall 
  • Attention and Focus
  • Leash skills
  • Obedience
  • Durations 
  • Proofing Behaviors
  • Canine Good Citizen Skills
  • Learning to say "no you can not pet my dog!"
  • We have dogs with a LARGE background of behavioral issues and it is a safe place for us all to work through our dogs (and our) individual needs with the support of people that "GET IT!"

Every class is a little different, some are super structured, sometimes we pack walk, sometimes we have lots of new dogs and old dogs have an opportunity to work on the skills they have been practicing and MORE! There is something for everyone, and we have a LOT of fun!

  • NO on-leash greeting before/during/after class unless I SAY SO!
  • Treat EVERY dog you meet like an aggressive dog (Better safe than sorry!)
  • Please bring treats and a great attitude and an open mind!!
  • Do not touch any of the dogs unless you have been given permission  

Please Bring:

  1. Your pups back pack packed with all their things!
  2. Leash
  3. Long-line
  4. Water (for your dog) 
  5. Treats! (We HIGHLY suggest skipping breakfast for your dog and using their meal as motivator and reward!)

    WEATHER: Please note, we do not teach the class if it is Raining, Snowing, Ice or BELOW 32* Degrees, and will also make a call on high heat

    Please Contact us if you have any further questions!
Hannalore and the team!

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